Casting Yield Improvement

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Casting Yield Improvement

Lower yield in a casting means lower productivity and lower profitability.

Casting Simulation has assisted several foundries to increase their yield by using casting simulation software (ADSTEFAN from Hitachi, Japan). By using the trial and error based design and development in a foundry, designer cannot explore all options due to cost and time considerations.

By using casting simulation, a designer can explore several un-conventional options and visualise the development of casting. By using casting simulation for gating optimisation, engineers can arrive at

  • Where to keep the risers and runners? What is the best geometry (dimensions) of gates?
  • What type of sleeves to be used? And how much MEF they will give? How the sleeves are beneficial for that particular product?
  • What type of chills to be used and in which location?
  • What is the optimum pouring temperature?
  • How different types of sands will affect the casting?
  • Where is the potential for turbulent melt flow and hence mold erosion?

By conducting casting simulation (for example by using ADSTEFAN software), it is possible to predict the casting defects; study the remedial measures to overcome the casting defects using casting simulation itself (without resorting to physical plant trial), and optimise the process.