Seminar On

Technologies and Methodologies to
Improve Productivity and Profitability of Indian Foundries
Date : 24-25 Jan 2019, Bangalore

An opportunity to get deeper insights to casting defects, gating optimisation, yield improvement methods, and increase knowledge of casting process fundamentals and explore options to profitability of foundries.


Today there is a significant boom for foundries in India. India has become the 2nd largest castings producer in the world, with a business of more than $20 billion. Still majority of the foundries are facing challenges of low productivity and low profit margins.

By using technologies and processes, foundries can increase their profit margins. Proposed seminar is planned to provide an opportunity for participants to learn from the experience of senior foundrymen, technology providers, consultants and peers from industry.


Enhance the technical competence and knowledge of owners /management, managers and engineers of foundries.

Provide a platform to exchange ideas, and connect technology providers, consultants, buyers, and foundries.

A plat form for peer-to-peer interaction and cross learning.

Topics to be covered includes:

Factors that affect productivity & profitability

Gating design concepts, and common mistakes

Casting defects, analysis of defects and rectification measures.

Yield improvement strategies

Basics of materials and properties

Inoculants and inoculation practice

Energy consumption, wastage and minimisation strategies

Casting defects, and rejections

Computer Simulation of castings, and methods infer results

Quality requirements

Process definition, control and its impact.

NDT methods

Buyers perspective and expectations

Additive manufacturing and rapid prototyping

Please confirm the topic you would prefer to speak and the date (24th or 25th or both days) and time of your preference. If you need any clarification, please feel free to contact call or call 99000 67486.

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